About Altalinea

Altalinea company was founded in 1990, extending a pre-existing ten-year experience to the field of kitchen furniture.

From the first moment it was based on three main parameters:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Accurate judgement of customer needs, design and services

We’ve always believed that the Greek market didn’t lack good products, what it needed was for the products to have the right price, to be accompanied by the best of services (before, while and, mainly, after the sale was made) and, of course, for the customers to know exactly what they’re buying, since the product addresses their needs fully.

This philosophy of Altalinea, which hasn’t changed in the slightest in the last years, has raised it to one of the first choices of Greek buyers andto a chain of stores in Greece and Cyprus.



It’s nice to enjoy your home… this is the philosophy of Alta linea and she knows exactly how to support it with spirit and honesty! Enjoy Italian aesthetic, fulfill your demands, place creativity in your routine and set yourself free!

Every product or service that Alta linea has to propose is characterized by undoubted high quality!

The main purposes and aims of Alta linea comprise to:

  • Coverage of all contemporary needs of today living.
  • High service quality to all customers.
  • Topmost design.
  • Ideal relation between quality and price.
  • Development of all necessary conditions for the growth and elaboration of her associatesand preservation of long term relationship with them.
  • Supply of all needful technology know-how, for the effective functionality of her network.